Working Hours


  • Liberty Mills Limited informs all prospective employees, at the time of hiring, of LML policies and procedures and legal limitations on the maximum number of hours of work per day, week, and month, both regular and overtime, and the maximum number of consecutive days they can legally be required to work.
  • Liberty Mills Limited ensures the hours worked each day and the days worked each week; do not exceed to legally sanctioned time/period.
  • Liberty Mills Limited provides one day off as per law period, except as required to meet urgent business needs.
  • Liberty Mills Limited does not engage any employee for overtime against to his desires, but offers legal overtime for such volunteer services.
  • Liberty Mills Limited implements a regular work day of recommended legal hours.
  • Liberty Mills Limited has an organized system of record keeping.
  • Liberty Mills Limited defines the regular overtime requirements as per legal allowed per day / worker if overtime works is required.
  • Liberty Mills Limited allows employees legally required or contractually agreed rest breaks and identifies whether they are compensated.
  • Liberty Mills Limited defines “Urgent Business Needs” as if workers voluntarily are engaged in overtime on Sundays/Gazette/Festival holidays, legal formalities are completed prior to their deployment at work. They are paid overtime as per labor law.
  • Liberty Mills Limited defines the normal workweek as per law from Monday to Saturday and designates days off for rest as Sunday.
  • Liberty Mills Limited designates days off for legal holidays as per gazette holidays.
  • Liberty Mills Limited establishes a transparent record keeping system through computerized swipe card system to maintain record of working hours and overtime of its employees.