Child Labour


  • Liberty Mills Limited does not employ neither Child Labour nor Adolescent Labor /Juvenile (The term Child Labor means “A person who has not completed his fourteenth year of age, and Adolescent / Juvenile means “A person who has completed hi fourteenth year of age but not completed his eighteenth year of age according to Sindh Factories Act, 2015”) and person having unsatisfactory background or corrector and any suspected person by law in any of its departments.
  • Liberty Mills Limited does not support the use of Child Labour / Adolescent / Juvenile and suspected persons by law nor does it to be employed in any of its suppliers.
  • Liberty Mills Limited will discontinue business relations with such supplier who use Child Labor prisoners, criminals and any suspected person by law.
  • Liberty Mills Limited prohibits below age 18 to visit factory work places. However, the guided tour from any institution/department can visit the facility under guidance of the LML rep upon approval.